Use GakuNin Services

What is GakuNin?

GakuNin, the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan, is a federation that consists of universities using academic e-resources and organizations, including publishers, that provide the e-resources. By abiding by the rules/policies stipulated by the Federation, organizations can use the federated authentication service.

The federated authentication service not only enables authorized users to use single sign on (a service that permits users to access all the authenticated systems with a single ID and password) to the on-campus systems, but also creates an environment where the users can access the on-line services of other universities and companies using a single password and without entering their ID and password. For example, an authorized user can connect to another university's wireless LAN with the ID and password they use in their home university, and seamlessly access electronic journals that their home university subscribes to. For the specific benefits of using the GakuNin services, click here. (The benefits of participating in the Academic Access Management Federation (the service using Shibboleth))

Note: The explanation on the official GakuNin site ( was partly modified before being posted on this site for our university members.

Services provided through participation in GakuNin

On October 30, 2013, Kumamoto University was certified as an official member of GakuNin and certified to use the services provided by GakuNin.

The following are examples of the main services offered by GakuNin.

Note that although some GakuNin services are readily available for free, it is necessary to apply separately or pay for using some other services.
  1. Online journals
    SpringerLink, ScienceDirect, OvidSP, etc.
    As an institutional member, after authentication by GakuNin you can access online journals that our university subscribes to, not only through the on-campus network as before, but also from off-campus sites.
  2. E-repositories, search for materials
    CiNii, NII-REO, Kanazawa University Data Repository, Scopus, Web of Knowledge
  3. 3. Groupware
    FShare (a file-sharing service), FaMCUs (a multipoint connection service for video conferences), Shibosuke (Shibboleth-schedule) (groupware for schedule coordination), etc.
  4. Software development environment for students
    Students can access on-line development environments and tools provided by Microsoft without charge after authentication by GakuNin.
  5. Wireless LAN
    Eduroam-Shib (temporary account issuing service for Eduroam)
    You can access the wireless LAN routers installed in the Eduroam member organizations in Japan and other countries.

For a list of services provided by GakuNin, visit >> the service provider: SP << .

Confirmation of Kumamoto University ID for using GakuNin

You can confirm the Kumamoto University ID more than the following site.

The password for Kumamoto University ID and changing the password

The password for your Kumamoto University ID is synchronized with the password for your staff ID or student ID.

To change the password for your Kumamoto University ID, visit the following page to change the password for your staff/student ID.
Note that the User ID you should enter on the following Change Your Password page is your staff/student ID.

Note that if you change your password on the above password change page, your password for Kumamoto University ID as well as the password for your your staff or student ID that you input as the User ID will be changed at the same time.

Example of the GakuNin services (Essay search on CiNii)

As an example of the GakuNin services, steps in using CiNii, the Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator operated by the National Institute of Informatics, from the outside of Kumamoto University will be shown.

Conventionally, only limited CiNii services were available from the outside of Kumamoto University, although all services were available through the on-campus network.
You can now use all CiNii services from the outside of Kumamoto University by using your Kumamoto University ID, the ID for the GakuNin service, to log onto the site.
Keep in mind the following items when searching on CiNii:
  • If you are a member of Kumamoto University, you can basically use CiNii without charge.
  • If you use the service from a shared PC, be sure to log out from CiNii after using the service.
  • When using the service at home, only you are allowed to use it.
  • None of your personal information, including your Kumamoto University ID, password, and name, will be sent to the publishers, except in cases of improper usage, such as downloading large amounts of data.

Follow the instructions below to use CiNii from the outside of Kumamoto University.

  1. Access CiNii ( and click the [Login] link at the upper right of the page.

    Top page of CiNii

  2. Click the up arrow button to the right of the "Login with:" drop-down box in the "Institutional Login for Institutions in Japan" group box. (See the following figure.)

    login screen 1

  3. After selecting [Kumamoto University], click the [Login] button.

    login screen 2

  4. After the "Kumamoto University Integrated Authentication System" screen is displayed, enter your Kumamoto University ID (Kumadai ID) and password for the ID and click the [Login] button.
    Be careful not to enter your staff or student ID in the [kumadai ID] field.

    login screen 2

  5. When you sign into a service for the first time, either or both of the following pages concerning with the handling of user information and usage conditions are displayed. After reading and agreeing with the contents, check the check box and then click the Confirm button. (See the following figures.)

    Transmission confirmation screen

    Conditions for use screen

  6. When login is complete, "Kumamoto University" and "Log out" are displayed at the upper right of the top page.

    login screen 2

You will also be able to access the following electronic journals that Kumamoto University subscribes to through the GakuNin service.
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